Monday, 1 January 2001

Swansea City Pictures - 24/3/07

Oh dear.
Swansea City's old Vetch field ground.
Seen better days.
The Vetch field is now closed and over grown.A sad sight.
The south stand filling up.
The north stand ( for the away fans)
The final score.
A Northampton throw.

Swansea City miss a chance to make it 3-1.

The team sheet.

Still going strong in the valleys.
A view of the Liberty Stadium from the train.

The Liberty Stadium.Home to Swansea City AFC and Ospreys RUFC.
Outside the south stand.

The car park.
Northampton on the attack.
Journeys end.
Journeys beginning.
The west stand.
The south stand.
The north stand.
Filling up before the kick off.
The east stand.

The impressive looking east stand before kick off.
Demolition work in Swansea town centre drew a crowd rivaling that of the match.
here we go.
Cyril the Swansea City mascot.

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