Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Tottenham Hotspur LFC 4-0 Ebbsfleet United LFC

(FA South East Womens Combination League)
Attendance:17 (head count).
Goals for season 2010/11 - 178 (from 41 matches)
Goal average:4.34
Match Rating:6/10

When The Flash and I arrived at Goffs Lane tonight we were suprised to see Spurs Ladies were actually playing in the same puma kit as the men do.For the games before this a yellow training kit by Macron was used because Spurs football Club would not let their women play in the Puma kit until it was for sale to the general public. It is about time the football club started looking after the Ladies team as it is the biggest in the whole of England,and penny pinching will not get the ladies in the Ladies premier League any time soon.
Anyway,the match-as always Spurs Ladies came out of the starting blocks at full steam and really showed the visitors just why they are top of the league.All four Spurs goals were scored in the first half and three of them were absolute crackers,long range shots from outside the area and left the Ebbsfleet goalie rooted to the spot with no chance of seeing the ball whizzing past her let alone having any chance of saving them.
The second half was a little bit more even but Spurs really should have scored two more goals,but three point and STILL TOP OF THE TABLE.Job done.
The Flash and I look forward seeing the ladies again soon.

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