Thursday, 17 March 2011

Wodson Park FC 2-0 Amersham Town FC

With Wodson Park leading 2-0 and having about 70% of the possesion,when 4 of the floodlight bulbs went out the Amersham manager told the refferee that the game was too dangerous to carry on. The ref,linos and Wodson players and officials all said that the game was perfectly safe to go on.I personally saw no problem with the level of light-My son and I were sitting at the back of the main stand and could see all four corners,both goal areas and the centre circle with no problems at all. The Amersham manager had a hissey fit and refused his players to play on so the ref had no choice but to abandon the match after 68mins.
(aditional- the replayed match finished 5-0 to Wodson Park,so karma all round then.)

(Spartan South Midlands League,Division 1)
Attendance:20 approx
Admission:£4.00 adults,£2.00 children
Programme: £1.00 / 12 pages
GROUND PHOTOS (Wodson Park play their 1st team fixtures at Ware FC)
Goals for season 2010/11 - 329 (from 82 matches)
Goal average: 4.01
Match rating: 6/10

This is the first match that I have attended that had been abandoned before 90 mins.

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