Monday, 1 January 2001

Potters Bar Town FC ground photos

Seen better days.
The turnstiles.
The rear of the turnstiles.

The small stand behind the right hand goal.
The side view.
The stand on the far side of the ground.Opposite the main stand.

The main stand.
Interior view.
Side view.
Rear view.

The burger van.(This has to be run by the most rude woman ever seen in a football ground.All she did was moan at every one who dared ask her for anything from the van.A little bit of homework might not have gone amiss also as it was plain to see that the two people behind the counter did not know how many supporters would be at the ground today and cooked only small numbers of burgers.the queue was at least 25 minutes long and when you got to the front you were not guarenteed anything that looked even remotely edible.)NOT recommended for anyone.Bring your own sandwiches and flask.
The commitee room.
The Clubhouse.-A very friendly and welcoming bar where children were allowed in from the cold during the match to watch the footie on the big screen.

The 'AWAY' bench.
The 'HOME' bench.

AND the two-tone............CORNER FLAG.


rogerbutton said...

One useless bit of info - the turnstiles were rescued from the old Wembley Stadium!

Anonymous said...

great post. i will be back to read some more.