Monday, 1 January 2001

Hertford Town match photos

The night gets off to a bad start when Winslow United turn up wearing their blue home kit.The same colour as Hertford Town.
So a quick change as Winslow will now play in Hertford Towns' old White kit for the night.

A rare Winslow attack.

The Winslow 'keeper makes yet another fine save.

Another Hertford attack.

On their way to making the score 6-0

This time the ball goes wide.
theres only one Pablo Ardilles.

The end of the match.Hertford Town 9 Winslow United 0. The Winslow United 'keeper is man of the match for his golkeeping heroics. When he limps off after 83mins he gets the loudest cheeer of the night. We all wish him a speedy recovery. an excellent match at an excellent will be made very welcome indeed.

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