Monday, 1 January 2001

Buckhurst Hill Pictures 28/04/07

Welcome to B.H.F.C. (and a rare 12.25 p.m. kick off)

B . H.

F . C .

The sign at the car park entrance says it all.

The changing rooms.

Entrance to the clubhouse.

The far side of the clubhouse.

Evergreen on the attack.Unlike their name,they play in orange.

A distant view of the Buckhurst Hill keeper making a save.

A Buckhurst Hill attack.

The "dug-outs" in front of the clubhouse.
A view from the goal to the right of the clubhouse.

A view of the clubhouse from the opposite side of the pitch.

Buckhurst Hill (in Black and Blue stripes) clear the ball from danger.

Behind the left hand goal by the entrance.

Left hand corner flag.
The view of a Buckhurst Hill attack from the car park.

A fine save.

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