Monday, 1 January 2001

Broxbourne Borough V&E FC ground photos

Broxbourne Borough V&E FC welcomes you.

The clubhouse.

Behind the clubhouse.

The turnstile.(in the right hand corner)

Through the turnstile.

A view from the stand behind the goal in front of the turnstile.

The mainstand in front of the turnstile.

The "directors box" to the right and in the corner of the main stand.

The stand to the left of the main stand.

The sideways view towards the dugouts.

The uncovered terrace to the right of the mainstand.

The HOME dugout.with covered Subs' bench.

The AWAY dugout.with UNcovered Subs' bench.

The snack bar.

These turnstiles were hiding in the long grass near the uncovered terrace.

It may be a bit lopsided,but it is still the CORNER FLAG.

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